creating partnerships for progress was started for one reason, to assist local communities with small-scale projects that help strengthen neighborhoods. cpp depends on the grit, determination and drive of its volunteers and local community to get the job done! cpp partners with communities in need that show an enthusiasm to help see a project through to completion. Each project must be self-sustaining and multi-faceted. When completed, all projects must be able to continue and flourish on the strength of their respective communities, and not charity from outside.


2016 project


Cambodia has the highest infant mortality rate for children 

under age five in all of East Asia. Cambodia is one of the ten worst places in the world to be a mother or child, due to high infant mortality rates, low women’s survival rates during childbirth, literacy rates for women and clean water access. CPP is helping to work on this issue. The building of the medical clinic in rural Cambodia will address this, and so many other health issues in the Kampong Speu Provence.

2012 project

How can we help provide education to a people who have had none? With the help  of wonderful donors and volunteers, cpp built a library in rural Cambodia. Also, while there, the volunteers were able to see, first hand, the devastation of the lack of primary care in the community.  A deadly outbreak of Hand, Foot & Mouth disease caused the deaths of a number of children in the community.  cpp was able to provide funds to assist with the care of the infected. For more information.

2011 project

cpp worked with Constru Casa in Antigua, Guatemala to help families help themselves to adequate housing. Ten volunteers made their way to Guatemala and helped move four families from homes made of found objects, including corn stalks and tarps, to homes made of solid concrete blocks.  We changed lives with the help of donors and volunteers! For more information.

2010 project

With the help of all the wonderful donors and volunteers, cpp was able to make a dream come true for the families and children of this poor, community of Ngusero Sombetini, Tanzania. The Good Hope Orphanage and School has new playground for that consists of a merry-go-round, a swing set, a dome jungle gym, a geodome, and all the equipment to properly outfit a playground, including tether balls, soccer equipment, and jump ropes. For more information.

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