2012 project
Education is one of the 
most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequity, and lays the foundation for sustained economic growth. To that end, CPP found a partner in Cambodia to alleviate ignorance and help disenfranchised communities improve their quality of life. 

Raise and Support the Poor (RSP) is a non-profit organization started in 2007, the sole purpose of which is to help children of the poorest families in Cambodia. Their vision is a world in which all children realize their full potential in societies that respects individual rights and dignity.  CPP was excited to work with such an organization to complete our most ambitious project to date, to build a library in rural Cambodia.

The children served by the library are from orphanages and the poorest families who reside in the country and have limited access to public education. Additionally, they lack study materials for both students and teachers. The library serves 25 communities and over 10,000 people.The RSP Community Library is free to the public and encourages education within the community.  The library is also to be a place of study and community for student, families, friends and teachers to congregate.  The goal for the library is to be a resource to reduce property through education and encourage the love of learning. The library is 9 meters (29 1/2 feet) by 7 meters (23 feet), with two stories.  The first floor houses books in Khmer and English (and as the library expands, other languages as well) and the second story is a space for studying.

The idea that it takes a village to raise a child is no more accurate in the form of a library in rural Cambodia.

CPP made such an incredible impact on the children of RSP. Thanks to them the children now have a place to go to find books and a quiet place to enjoy reading. And our community is so grateful to have the library so that we can improve student’s studies and providing resources to the teachers. The library will have resources available to anyone who wants to learn, read, write, or do research. It is also a place for students to do their homework and a good place to interact with teacher, friend, family and community. CPP enabled us to give our children this valuable moment, and for this we are forever grateful. Through your hard work and donations, we have a beautiful library which is part of our excellent service in building a better education to all children over the world. Raise and Support the Poor (Cambodia)
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