2010 project

The new completed  playground 
at the Good Hope School,  
with swings, jungle gym, 
merry-go-round  and tether ball 

While researching volunteer opportunities in Tanzania, Angela Wendel (later to become a co-founder of cpp) met Nelson Mbise, founder of Focus in Africa, a volunteer organizer and tour guide in Arusha, Tanzania. Nelson recommended The Good Hope Orphanage and School as a possible volunteer assignment. 

As Angela looked into the orphanage and school, she was impressed with the commitment and selflessness of Mama Asha Mohammed, the orphanages founder and principal. Continued research found that Mama Asha had a wish-list of items she would like for the children, some of which included new classrooms, electricity for the school and a playground. Angela quickly realized that although she could not build a new building, she might be able to obtain and erect a playground with some help from friends and family.   

While looking at playground ideas, Angela found Empower Playgrounds, a non-profit founded by Ben Markham. After observing poor lighting in classrooms and a lack of playground equipment in schools in Ghana, Ben developed an innovative and viable solution—build playground equipment that generates electricity from children at play. Impressed with Ben’s design creating partnerships for progress was founded.  Empower Playgrounds provided great assistance to cpp to provide the first electricity producing merry-go-round in Tanzania.

The project PLAYGROUNDS WITH A SPARK was to be cpp's. first project. Play serves many purposes, from social interaction to physical activity to stress relief.  The children of The Good Hope Orphanage and School had only four seat swing set.  Because there are more than 100 students, each child needed to sign up for a change to swing for a limited time to swing. Sometimes weeks go by before they would get a change to swing. For children dealing with the day to day struggle of life in rural Tanzania, an opportunity to PLAY is important, maybe vital to their growth. 

With the help of all the wonderful donors and volunteers, 
cpp was able to make a dream come true for the families and children
 of this poor, community of Ngusero Sombetini, Tanzania. The Good Hope Orphanage and School has new playground for that consists of a merry-go-round, a swing set, a dome jungle gym, a geodome, and all the equipment to properly outfit a playground, including tether balls, soccer equipment, and jump ropes.  Additionally, cpp
volunteers were able to help construct a floor for the new orphanage. cpp is very grateful to all its supporters for their donations, well wishes and assistance in making the first cpp project a success. 
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